Liberation of Education

The Liberation of Education

2024 Virtual Conference

& National Open house

Feb 26-29, 2024

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Our Mission

Traditional education is not for every kid. For many, it’s developmentally devastating.

Our mission is to help parents find the resources available to them, so they can design an education uniquely tailored to the needs and dreams of their individual kids.

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About The Liberation of Education

Helping you build an education for your child, on your terms

Education in America is broken. Kids are drowning in tasks and tests that bore them – and that have no bearing on their future success. Bureaucrats have stuffed classrooms to the gills with Common Core requirements, while test scores are plummeting.

We’re raising kids that hate learning, and whose potential is being smothered by the education system. It’s time to do better.

There are more exits from the public school system than people think, and more ways to go about taking charge of your kids’ education. We’re here to help you find those options, so you can set your kids up to thrive.

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Our Speakers

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We’re bringing together the greatest minds in the education movement

There are so many brilliant people working to build the future of education: entrepreneurs, teachers, investors, school operators, innovators, and thinkers.

Over the course of three days, we’re facilitating conversations on everything: homeschooling, unschooling, higher ed (or skipping higher ed), tours of alternative schools, innovative curriculum approaches, accessing state funding, and everything in between.

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Ready to liberate your kids from the traditional
education system?

Our three-day conference covers everything you need to know: how to educate kids for the 21st century, what schools and models are being built, what policy changes are happening in your area, how to design a curriculum at home – and how to supplement your kids’ education on your own if you can’t pull them out.

If you’re a parent or an educator, you won’t want to miss this.

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What we cover

Our conference tracks are designed to answer all your pressing questions – and help equip you with the resources you need to make a meaningful change in your kids’ lives.

Models of education

There are countless innovative models of education emerging – microschools, online schools, and everything in between. Which one is right for your kid?

Approaches and resources

What makes a good education, anyway? What are we educating our kids for in the 21st century – and what does it mean to teach them well? What resources are at your disposal?

Policy and the future

From school choice to homeschool regulations – what’s happening on a national and state level, and what can you do to help?

Innovation and entrepreneurship

The real future of education lies with the entrepreneurs. Done right, alternatives will outstrip the public school model and leave it obsolete. What does the future of education hold?

Liberate your kids. Join the movement.

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Charter School

Charter schools are independently-operated, tuition-free, public schools, open to all students, regardless of their zip code.


Home school

Over the last decade, the definition of homeschool is evolving. Home schooling can now look very different from family to family.


micro school

Just as the name suggests, microschools are very small schools. All microschools are different, but most share a few general characteristics.